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10 ways to help my child with OCD

10 ways to help my child with OCD

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Obsessive compulsive disorder can begin in childhood, so that in families that children child with disorder as OCD is important for parents to know ways to help your child to make your day as normal and less limiting possible.

Whether our son is a teenager as if still a child, it is important that we are at your side to guide you and give you all the emotional support you need.


It is important to get as much information as possible about OCD, so you can understand it.
To help, first understand.

To help your child with OCD will not blame yourself, no one thinks that I hate more OCD than the person who suffers and feels limited.

The family has to have a close relationship with the child’s school and teachers, being coordinated. Also should have a close relationship with any event at which the child do: monitors sport, leisure, etc.

Try to keep as normal as possible a relationship to decrease the impact of obsessive behavior – compulsive. Encourages progress and avoid blame or criticism.

To help your child with OCD, you must understand that is not a child who misbehaves or does not want to obey doing things differently, you must understand that you feel compelled to do this kind of ritual given their anxiety.

Keep in mind that these children with OCD have very obsessive compulsions and rituals. The family has not actively participate or intervene because inadvertently may be negatively reinforcing these impulses enhancing the rituals of his son. For example, if a child asks a hundred times if your hands are clean and they all replied that yes, this is as part of their ritual, so we would be strengthening it.

It is important to help children with OCD that parents stay out of the rituals of their children, however much it costs them or create them distress.

It is recommended to seek partnerships to support Internet or ask at specialized centers for this type of organizations.

Parents must face his fears for children to learn to have them and with sufficient tools to defend, that fear serves to alert them of the danger but not to limit them.

Find what treatment may be more effective to help the child with OCD and find the appropriate professionals. Working together with these professionals to ensure better results. If your child is a teenager, or old enough to understand what happens, Keep him informed and to collaborate in seeking and accepting treatment.

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