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Egg benefits

Egg benefits

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The egg is one of the most nutritionally complete foods, because it has many benefits. Both the yolk and egg white have many health benefits. Eggs can be eaten in many ways: scrambled, omelet, boiled or fried.
In this article, we have many recipes with eggs. Next, we explain the benefits of the egg.


The egg has high quality protein because it has all the essential amino acids. The body assimilates fine egg proteins and used to improve muscle tissue.

The egg contains good fats. Only containing an amount of 5 grams per egg and egg these fats contribute better nutritional value.

The egg is a food that has more variety of vitamins (A, E, D, B1, B2, B6 and B12). All these vitamins are necessary for healthy skin, improve our immune system and increase the intake of antioxidants. In addition, the egg contains many minerals such as iron, selenium, iodine, folic acid, zinc, among others.

For all these reasons, the egg is considered by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Both the white and yolk are extremely rich in these essential substances.

It can take up to one egg a day if you are a healthy person, although the recommended consumption is 3 eggs per week. Here are also included the eggs as part of preparations as puddings, cakes, pastries, creams, sauces).

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