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Foods rich in folic acid

Foods rich in folic acid

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Folic acid or vitamin B9 is an essential nutrient for cell regeneration. Although we should include it in our diet, it is especially important for women planning a pregnancy or are on tape, helping to prevent the occurrence of certain birth defects. Many people choose to eat it in supplement, however this nutrient can be found in various ingredients.
So, here we give some foods rich in folic acid, so that you incorporate into your diet and make the most of its benefits.


Several foods rich in folic acid, however if you want to maximize the intake of vitamin B9 should choose those that offer the highest contribution. The green leafy vegetables and some vegetables, fruits and nuts are what will give greater benefits.

One cup of spinach provides about 65 of folic acid that our body needs daily, being one of the richest vegetables in this nutrient green leaf. In addition there is a rich choice in fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, also improving intestinal transit.

Legumes also provide a good supply of folic acid, especially lentils providing 50 daily intake of vitamin B9 in a single cup. Peas, chickpeas and black and red beans are also an excellent alternative. Like spinach all these foods are rich in fiber, making it essential options especially for pregnant women.

Following with vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, rich in fiber and asparagus, one of the best natural diuretics that we can find are other excellent alternatives for a good supply of folic acid in our diet.

Among the typical ingredients of the salad, romaine lettuce and avocado also offer its good supply of vitamin B9.

And if you prefer fruit, orange, an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, a great alternative offering a good supply of this nutrient per unit. Other fruits such as strawberries, bananas and papaya are also ideal for this vitamin.

As for foods rich in folic acid from animal protein, some good and nutritious alternatives are:

Beef liver, with a significant contribution of vitamin B9 and iron, chicken liver, eggs.
Some cereals made from wheat, corn or rice also contain folic acid. Besides breads and pastas can come fortified with this vitamin, becoming an alternative to easily obtain a supply of this nutrient.

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