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How is diet Dolphin

How is diet Dolphin

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Among many other curious diets, diet are called Dolphin, a recent method driven by a veterinarian who defends main precept goodness drink half liter of water daily sea. His theory, as the name suggests, is based on good health having a marine animal like the dolphin and argues that it is a method that can be beneficial to the body and to lose weight, since it reduces appetite. On the other hand, there are also many specialists who have shown their reluctance and were alarmed by this method, but if you want to know every detail about diet Dolphin.


Dolphin diet is a method developed and promoted by Angel Gracia Rodrigo, a veterinarian of 80 years, which has been dedicated to promote the benefits of sea water for humans and weight loss would entail include this nutrient from nature in our diet. To do this, it has been based on studies carried out the French scientist Rene Quinton (1866-1925), who already inquired about the properties of seawater.

This method is perfectly detailed in his book published with the same name, The Diet Dolphin. As its title indicates, it is an informed health of dolphins and model of life of these marine animals diet. As the author says, why you chose seawater as the main nutrient of this method is the near absence of disease and infection in these animals, as well as power posing in their activities and daily life.

Despite knowing all these data, we must ask what is the diet specifically Dolphin? Well, it is a diet that is based on the following pillars:

Incorporation of seawater in our diet (average daily liter) in essential connection with exercise and exercise of mind. It is essential that before you start eating seawater, accustom your body gradually, as this needs to be purified and detoxified first. Seawater converted into deionized water is a water that is better suited to our body. In case of using natural seawater in controlled amounts, an improvement of intestinal transit occurs, according to the author’s claims. The seawater intake just before each meal favors reducing hunger and anxiety, which leads to weight loss.

The benefits to health and diet agency Dolphin, the author highlights:

It is a cleansing diet, which can speed up the pace gastrointestinal transit and acting as a natural laxative. Sea water contains all elements of the Periodic Table, especially iron, and therefore offers plenty of critical nutrients for the body. Stresses that the fact of ingesting a daily minimum amount of seawater provide our body everything it claims to nutritional status. The seawater intake should be at all times with a balanced diet containing 5 meals a day.

Many are professionals who say dolphin diet as a method that may have some negative effects such as dehydration. Also, as pointed out by the same promoter of the diet is necessary for those who want to try it, do so under the supervision of a professional, it is normal that the body needs an adaptation process to be accepting this new nutrient.

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