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How long can you long without food

How long can you long without food

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How long can you go without eating? We all know that the human body requires three basic elements to function properly: water, food and rest. However in extreme situations you may be unable to access food from the way we usually do in these cases does our body resist many days? We clear this doubt, discover how long you can go without food.

The view of science

Not easy to determine how long you can go without food, but several scientific studies have tried to calculate the resistance that an adult person can have in the absence of food.

Factors influencing the time someone can withstand without eating are:

The amount of glucose or sugar stored in the body. The amount of fat stored in the body. Stored protein. Muscle density of each person. In addition, some researchers point out that psychological factors such as the desire to survive and food or persistence can play for in cases where the hunger for major causes, for example those who are lost in the jungle or people who are captive occurs in a conflict.

What does our body when not receiving food?

The body is a very effective machinery that requires nutrients and fluids to function properly. When our body does not get the food necessary to take our reservations you need to maintain energy and organ function.

In principle begins to take glucose or sugar accumulated to operate, once this is completed passes fat reserves (the more fat is more resist), then resorts to the reserve proteins and finally to the muscles. It explains why people who have been subjected to prolonged starvation do not have muscles but with just a thin layer of tissue covering the bone.

So how long you can go without eating?

With everything explained above and the data and studies that have sought and made several researchers based on cases of real life, science has determined that man can resist up to 60 days without food before dying, that is, two months. This time may be extended if the person receives a minimum amount of food and nutrients.

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