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How Reiki works

How Reiki works

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Some think that Reiki is comparable to magic, because like she seeks to harness the hidden forces of nature to achieve wonderful effects. However, the foundation of magic is very different, as is the manipulation and its results are extraordinary only in appearance, hence often have a negative dimension. By contrast, Reiki seeks not disrupt anything or get misleading results, the energy is transmitted by simply laying on of hands.


Reiki energy is not directed by the mind, but involves knowledge. Some define it as a life force guided by the wisdom of the universe, and identify that wisdom with the divine essence. Hawayo Takata wrote: I believe that there is one supreme being, the Infinite Absolute, a dynamic force that rules the world and the universe. It is an invisible power that vibrates and before which all other powers pale into insignificance, the Great Spirit Divine.

Reiki teachers also believe that the basis of this form of healing is love. Just as everyone around us is an energy field called aura, the universe also has an aura of several layers, one of which is called the universal unconditional love. So Reiki can be identified with absolute love that emanates from the divinity.

With Reiki is not necessary to manipulate the energy and focus on it. Nor is to remove the one with the receiver or contribute energy itself. This is just to let this force acts through us, turned into channels healing power, so that the vital ki or personal and cosmic harmony achieve harmony. It is not the Reiki practitioner who heals itself or cure others, all that makes universal energy flowing through him. The mission of the therapist try to be sewn for a road as clear as possible avoiding the spotlight.

For the Reiki act just let it flow. In fact, try to target a specific place or mentally modify their effects can be a mistake. The teachers say that Reiki is wise and heads wherever necessary. If the balance and harmony in an area lacking, Reiki detects and acts accordingly. Therefore it is said that Reiki gives what you need, not what is asked. Many people who have benefited from it have appeared Reiki in their lives just when it was necessary, before or since, although it has been understood later.

There is a light that shines beyond what covers the ground. Beyond ourselves, beyond the high heavens. It is the light that shines in our hearts

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