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How the contraceptive injection works

How the contraceptive injection works

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The contraceptive injection provides protection of a 99. To achieve maximum effectiveness it is important to provide the dates indicated for the hormones do their effect. Two types of injections that apply buttock intramuscularly through a syringe.
We explain how the contraceptive injection works and will break the myths and rumors that always hover around.


There are certain considerations that you have to consider if you are thinking of using the contraceptive injection and want to know how it works, we detail more.

Women may choose combined contraceptive injections are those carrying sexually active, with or without a history of pregnancy, who are postpartum or post-cesarean and are not breastfeeding. The injections of a single hormone can use all previous and women who are breastfeeding.

Women who are NOT eligible for regular injections are lactating, pregnant women who suspect they’re pregnant, those with liver disease or kidney, heart or lung disease or who have had breast cancer or cervical .

The operation of this alternative is similar to other hormonal contraceptives. The contraceptive injection prevents ovulation and produces mucus in the cervix making it hard for sperm and therefore fertilization. After discontinuing the use of injection, and the type of hormonal contraception, it can take 10 months to regain fertility.

Injectable hormones should use under strict medical supervision, going to a specialist for your application. We recommend that if you are evaluating this option turn to your personal physician and currents your case. He will know advise the best contraceptive for you and your partner.

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