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How to chose mandarins

How to chose mandarins

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Tangerine is one of the most popular and appreciated citrus fruits. It is juicy, delicious and easy to eat and carry anywhere, so it becomes an ideal snack for children, perfect to wear to the office and a fruit that gives a great touch to any salad dessert. But like any other, to enjoy its flavor is important to choose them, so here are some tips for you to discover how to choose tangerines easily.


Being a winter fruit from September to March is the perfect time for mandarins so if you want to get them juicy, sweet and good prices it is best to acquire them during those months.

If the possibility always tries to acquire tangerines with leaves, thus easier to know whether they are cool because while green leaves look good no greater chance of having a fruit in good condition.

Has the outward appearance. Prefers those with a peel mandarins in good condition, without cuts or stains. While more vibrant orange of your skin better.

Your skin should be smooth and soft look, that’s the indication that tangerine is ripe. Also prefers larger if you are someone who likes sweet and juicy tangerines, however if you like a little more bitter and dry so small are indicated.

Weight is important also. Regardless of the size of the fruit, if the tangerine is heavy means it contains a lot of juice, so it is a good choice.

Our last recommendation may not be to the liking of the seller or the grocery market, but takes into account also the smell of the fruit. If it is sweet and intense mean that mandarins are ripe and perfect for consumption.

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