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How to cure cystitis using home remedies

How to cure cystitis using home remedies

Bacterial infections affecting the bladder or lower urinary tract are known as cystitis, a common condition in common but men can get it too. You need to visit the doctor if you have cystitis, to treat it properly and the infection clears. There are also some natural methods that may help relieve discomfort, so we offer some tips on how to cure cystitis with home remedies.


Radishes are a highly recommended to cure cystitis with home remedies because they have antibiotic properties to treat the infection plant. Therefore, its use is recommended, as well as juice made from radish leaves taken in the morning.

Another method to treat cystitis with home remedies is adding two tablespoons baking soda in a glass of water and take it daily. Thus, we can try to alleviate the symptoms that cause infection in the body, so annoying and sometimes painful.

Also, lemon and its medicinal properties are favorable to treat this bacterial infection of the bladder and the excretory system, the body’s pH level and hinder the growth of bacteria. Thus, we recommend adding lemon juice to a glass of cure cystitis although it can be cold, be good boil to make it more effective.

Birch infusions also very beneficial in the course of treating cystitis, as well as to prevent fluid retention. Infusion taking 3 times a day to reduce the symptoms of infection is recommended.

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