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How to Cure Thrush

How to Cure Thrush

Thrush is a fungal infection caused by overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans that can affect the entire oral cavity, usually starting on the tongue and then spread to the palate, gums, tonsils and throat if not properly treated . Usually occurs when the immune system is weakened, which causes the multiplication of microorganisms found in the mouth leading to the occurrence of such infection. In the following article we will show you in detail how to cure thrush and treatment to follow.


First, it is important to detect the presence of a thrush infection. Among its main symptoms are the appearance of a prominent injury or whitish portions in the mouth and tongue, which can secrete a kind of thick or lumpy liquid. In addition, mouth soreness, redness and swelling of the tongue, possible bleeding when brushing teeth and pain when chewing or swallowing are presented.

If you suspect you might have thrush or to manifest any of the above symptoms, it is essential that you go to your doctor as soon as possible. This by an oral culture or, if necessary take a sample of the affected area and analyzed in the laboratory, determine if you have developed this fungal infection and will prescribe the right treatment for you.

Generally, treatments to cure thrush whose main function is to restore the normal balance of microorganisms in the mouth as in the case of candida yeast. Therefore, antifungal medications are often prescribed either in tablets that dissolve in the mouth, syrup or format mouthwash, they just completely with the fungus that is causing the infection.

In addition to the consumption of drugs prescribed by the doctor is very important oral hygiene care during the day throughout the infection taking into account the following considerations to prevent damage and heal thrush:

Lava teeth gently after eating and before bedtime using a specific soft bristle brush. Avoid brushing injuries candidiasis. Rinse the mouth with a little salt warm water about 3 times a day. In case you have dentures, do not forget to take it off at night, very clean regularly, and where it can be maintained without it for at least six hours a day.

When thrush, the simple act of eating and swallowing suffering becomes difficult and even painful. Above all it is important to increase fluid intake to prevent dehydration. We recommend you visit the article What to Eat if I have candidiasis, as there are certain foods that are optimal for healing and favoring the balance of the bacterial flora of the body. By contrast, others can worsen the infection as those containing any type of yeast or sugar.

Another common type of yeast infection in women is vaginal candidiasis, which is manifested by symptoms such as thick, white discharge, itching and irritation of the vulva, painful urination, and discomfort during sexual intercourse. If you want to know all the details about this infection, please consult the following articles:

Why vaginal candidiasis occurs, how to cure vaginal candidiasis, how to prevent vaginal candidiasis.

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