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How to detect childhood obesity

How to detect childhood obesity

In recent years, childhood obesity has child obesity in Spain 16 obese children. Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles characteristic of our society have had a detrimental effect on our children. The consequences to which we face are varied and detrimental to the health of these children.
In addition to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, children also suffer psychological effects. Children who are overweight tend to have low self-esteem and a great emotional dependence. Due to the importance of the subject, is that we consider appropriate, make a description of certain features of this disease in order to achieve the early detection and treatment. Next, we show you how to detect childhood obesity.


To determine if your child suffers from obesity, you should echo on the Body Mass Index (BMI). What you do is divide your weight in kg child with height in Mts2. For example, if your child weighs 24kg and measures 1,20mts, you should do 24 child obesity (1.20 x 1.20) = 16.6 BMI. To corroborate if it is within the normal range can enter the website of the Ministry of Health to verify this data.

Obesity is progressive, begins when the child is a little fatter than normal and slowly gaining weight up to the excess weight. When a child suffers from obesity, weight is at least 20 above the ideal weight. For this reason, it is important to frequently check the weight of your child.

Children suffering from obesity, sedentary children often spend hours in front of the television or computer. Not often do physical sports and liabilities prefer games like board games. Often eat lots of sweets and junk food. All these features, accompanied by a number of physical symptoms described below.

Physical symptoms.
Among them, we find a great difficulty breathing and choking, this is due to the pressure of fat below the diaphragm and chest wall. This can cause difficulty breathing turn rhythm problems that manifest sleep through the child has drowsiness during the day. It is also common to submit backaches and bad knees, hips and ankles.

Psychological symptoms.
Generally, it is children who have low self esteem and low frustration tolerance. Usually passive, shy children and repressed that are performing poorly both formal and sporty. Often, victims of discrimination from other children, leading to inhibition social behaviors.

Obesity carries with it a number of diseases, such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, among child obesity therefore, it is important a proper and early diagnosis to reverse this situation. At the same time, we recommend psychological support to complement the treatment prescribed by your doctor.


If your child suffers from obesity, consult a specialist.

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