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How to detect Ulysses Syndrome

How to detect Ulysses Syndrome

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The Ulysses Syndrome, also known as migrant syndrome with chronic and multiple stress, is characterized by feelings of loneliness, sadness and fear those who have to rebuild their lives in another country. The migration is accompanied by a series of duels related to native culture, language, among others. These duels are not always processed properly, favoring the development of Ulysses syndrome.
Then we will present, how to detect Ulysses syndrome.


Permanent feeling of sadness. This feeling is generated by all that was left in the home country and the difficulties encountered in the new country.

Tension and nervousness. People with Ulysses syndrome are constantly in a state of tension that often causes insomnia, lack of appetite, among other symptoms.

Changes in mood. Generally between states of sadness and elation. Irritability is a fairly common condition in these cases.

Physical deterioration. Because feelings of sadness and tension, people with the Ulysses syndrome usually suffer a deterioration in their physical appearance characterized by an apparent aging.

Excessive tiredness that comes with headaches.

Memory lapses, disorientation, attentional difficulties and romancing.


If you suffer Ulysses Syndrome see a doctor for proper treatment

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