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How to experience healing with Reiki

How to experience healing with Reiki

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There are many reasons why you may wish to undergo a Reiki session. The reason may be a specific injury or a simple physical or psychological discomfort. There are people who are being treated for a specific disease and believe that Reiki is a good therapeutic complement or suffer a great working pressure and Reiki looking at a form of relaxation.


The choice depends Reiki Therapist each. It may be random, simply telephoning, but usually chooses someone known or have attended a friend or relative. Although the imposition of hands is performed without removing clothes, some people prefer a specialist of the same sex to feel more comfortable.

Usually each Reiki session lasts three quarters of an hour to an hour, but time can be adapted to the circumstances and needs of the person. While professional therapists charge for their services, sometimes offer discounts depending on the recipient’s resources.

There are many Reiki practitioners do not ask anything in return, but also in these cases should assess their efforts and thank him with a symbolic gift. Mikao Usui inaugurated the tradition of trade to ensure that recipients are involved in the healing process.

The treatment requires no prior preparation, but it is advisable to follow a few basic rules that will facilitate things. Physically just a simple hygiene, showering, brushing teeth. On a psychological level, it helps to go with an open mind, without prejudice of any kind.

Any place serves couple carrying a Reiki session. The treatment can take place at home or outdoors, while going by car or train, but the ideal is to have a clean and tidy room that offers a minimum of tranquility and privacy. The conductive environments are beneficial for healing, hence a stressful environment, such as the workplace or a crowded space are contraindicated.

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not bind anywhere and allow relaxation. Should also get a jersey, because during a Reiki session is easy to feel cold at certain times. The therapist will probably ask that shoes and belt and sunglasses and jewelry is removed so you have complete freedom of movement and nothing interrupts the flow of Reiki.

Before starting, the specialist usually engage in a brief conversation that asks for our health, lifestyle and customs. In this sense, every good practitioner should be nice and open, but also commit to respect confidentiality. Even if you have an ailment located, perform the full treatment from head to toe, using traditional hand positions.

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