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How to give a hot stone massage

How to give a hot stone massage

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Hot stones can make a more intense massage, heat helps to relax the muscles and allows the manipulation of the deeper tissues. A hot stone massage relieves muscle pain and promotes a general sense of relaxation. It may be beneficial for those suffering from sprains, poor circulation, arthritis, back pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
In these cases, massage can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. For your first hot stone massage, keep it simple.


Prepare the massage area. Configure the massage table with linens. Have a supply of clean towels nearby.

Place a hand towel in the bottom of the inclusion of your heating unit. Place your stones and pour over enough water to cover them. The only correct way to heat the stones is a professional massage stone heater, the use of microwaves, pressure cookers and hot plates are not recommended. Follow manufacturers instructions for use. Make sure you give yourself enough time to heat the stones as it can take up to an hour.

Test the water temperature with a calibrated unit to ensure that the stones do not overheat thermometer. It is recommended that the water temperature is from 40 to 50 C. Set the temperature control on the unit if necessary. Keep a stone in hand to determine if they are safe to put on someones skin. Tighten the stone in hand for five seconds. If you can maintain without any hassle, it is safe to use.

Prepare your mix aromatherapy oils. Mix 7 drops birch oil, 6 drops of ginger oil and 6 drops of peppermint oil in a 50 gram bottle. Adding olive oil until the mixture is 12 inches from the top of the bottle. Turn the bottle gently to combine.

Invite your client to undress and lie face up on the massage table. Place a clean cloth or bath towel over bare skin.

Warm your hands before starting the massage, to help accurately gauge the temperature of the stones and make the experience more enjoyable for your client.

Fold the sheet or towel under the shoulders, so that the chest and private parts covered. Apply oil aromatherapy to all areas of exposed skin.

Remove eight small stones water and dry with a towel. Place a stone in each of your clients fingers and wrap a towel around each foot. Place a large stone in the center of each thigh and unfold the sheet down to cover the legs. Place a medium sized stone in each of your customers hands and fingers wrap over it to keep it in place.

Place a large stone on each shoulder, between the spine and shoulder blade. Place medium-sized stones in a line along the breastbone. Place a large stone in each pectoral muscle (the largest muscle in the chest). Place a small stone in each cheek and one in the center of the forehead.

Remove the stones from the toes and put them back in the water. Check that the water temperature is still high enough to keep the hot stones. Carefully bend the leg and rub the oil around your calves. Massage the top of the foot with the stone that has remained outside, working on the whole foot and up both sides of the ankle. Ask your client if the pressure is comfortable, some people prefer a very deep pressure, while others prefer a lighter touch.

Slide a medium sized stone to the arms and legs. Use small circular movements and replace each stone as it cools. Repeat the process on the back of the neck, shoulders and cheeks, check regularly that your client is happy with the pressure and temperature of the stones.

Ask your client to move to his forehead. Place a large stone in the arch of each foot and wrap a towel around each. Make a line of stones to the legs with small stones in the bottom and increasing in size as they move upward. Cover the legs with the sheet. Make a line of stones in the large muscles on either side of the spine and back cover with the sheet. Use the process of massage used on the feet, on the back of the legs and back, in the front of the body.


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