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How to help my child to lose weight

How to help my child to lose weight

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Childhood obesity is becoming more common, being an important condition that may prevent the normal development of children both physically and psychologically. It is necessary to see a specialist to determine which method is best for our son to lose weight, however it is important that the little account of what happens. Here are some tips to get your child lose weight.


First, after having gone to an endocrine doctor to make the appropriate diet that meets monitors. It is very important to follow because that associate weight loss and wellness feel with healthy eating. If that learns as a child, you will never forget.

You have to let occasionally you can eat anything you like, it gets out of the diet. For example, in a birthday with his friends as a child should eat more to not feel bad, but you should know how to differentiate a special occasion of a normal day.

Help him to feel good as it is. Maybe in a few months to lose weight, but you should know that the reason for the diet is not the physical aspect, but health. That must be made very clear, as if looking for reasons of diet and weight loss could lead to an eating disorder.

Try to do some sport with the child. It is important not to be seen as a burden or a hard routine of doing, it has to be fun and dynamic. Go jogging together is a good idea, playing football, basketball or tennis, mountain excursions, go swimming or to the beach together. The important thing is moving too much and burn more calories than you take without forgetting that it is a boy and he wants to play.

Avoid sedentary and spend many hours of face to television or playing on the consoles. Point it to a sports school activity in which you are with your classmates, have fun, enjoy while burning calories.

He talks a lot with him, for the time you are doing the diet will be hard, have to change many habits to which he is accustomed and sacrifice. Talk about how you feel about it, if you have problems with other children, etc. It is important that you feel comfortable and make the goal of slimming worth.

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