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How to identify the antisocial personality disorder

How to identify the antisocial personality disorder

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Antisocial personality disorder, also known as psychopathy or sociopathy is characterized by manipulation, exploitation and violation of the rights of others. The disorder begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood. Antisocial personality disorder is usually more common in men than in women, has a chronic course, although it may refer the years, as the person is approaching 40 years.
Next, we will present how to identify the antisocial personality disorder.


Conduct Disorder.
People with antisocial personality disorder have had a history of conduct disorder in childhood or adolescence. Conduct disorder is characterized by behaviors that violate social norms and rules and violate the basic rights of others. They usually attack people and antisocial personality disorder or animals and destroy property of others, making theft or crime.

Criminal acts.
They usually have behaviors that threaten the integrity of the people, which is why, it is often in conflict with the law. It is common to steal, destroy private property, among others. People with this disorder are older than 18 years.

Personal characteristics.
Manipulated to achieve their goals and tend to disregard the feelings and rights of others. They are liars and impulsive. They do not usually think about the consequences of their actions. They are aggressive people tend to incite physical fights repeatedly and acts of aggression to people who are part of their environment, such as abuse their children and partner.

Recklessness is what characterizes them, often endangering their safety and that of others, such as driving while intoxicated, neglect or abandon the care of a child in their care, etc. Often use anger and anger as a way to gain respect from other people.

They usually have work, social and family problems. Often tend to leave their jobs, being laid off and wasting money. Have poor interpersonal skills when it’s not about manipulating others. They are suspicious and think others are a threat to them.

They are selfish, stubborn and arrogant. To achieve its objective usually displayed jovial, charming. They are inflexible, argue about anything and tend to be easily irritated. They see themselves as intelligent and courageous people. Do not have any guilt about the behaviors that they have had.

No limits.
Quickly bored of the routine, leaving aside all responsibilities, to live according to them, independently and freely. They are motivated by immediate gratification, long-term projects for them do not exist. It is for this reason that this type of behavior that characterize generate immediate pleasure in them.

Associated disorders.
This disorder can be accompanied by other disorders, such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-related disorders, impulse control disorders, etc.


Antisocial personality disorder requires proper treatment by a healthcare professional

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