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How to increase energy and vitality through nature

How to increase energy and vitality through nature

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We’ve all felt you can not anymore, that work, obligations and daily put us to the limit and we’re running out of strength. To regain control can come into contact with nature, and acquire habits that will help us through those times, and prevent them in the future. Here is how to increase energy and vitality through nature.

Stress and human nature

Stress is a physiological reaction in response to a dangerous situation. Humans have evolved, but our response to danger is the same from the beginning of time, the body prepares to repel an attack or take flight. Become aware of what things you stressed and consume your energy is. Identify them, to confront them better.

Recharge your energy in the sun

It’s simple recharge, can take energy from nature, sunbathing (always with adequate protection), walking in a green space or on the beach, or exercising, practicing the sport that we like outdoors.

Relax your body and mind in a park

Find a quiet place in a park close to home, sit back and focus on your breathing, through it, relaxation and meditation can put body and mind in contact. Being more aware of our body and learning to relax through breathing, won in attention, concentration and performance.

A good company

Plan a mountain out with friends. Some people in our area give us energy and positivity, while others deplete us with their negativity. If we learn to differentiate you may get around to some of those who rob us energy.

Natural Food

Watch your diet, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables decreases the consumption of precooked products. A natural diet provides more vitamins. Fresh foods retain all their properties, which are lost with the passage of time, when we freeze or when cooked.

The fauna and flora

In addition to the contact with plants in parks or in the field, contact with animals is a great way to eliminate stress. If you have a pet, spend part of your time walking or playing. If not, you can get close to wildlife watching birds or insects around you, keep silent and respects their spaces.

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