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How to increase my energy

How to increase my energy

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We have all had those days when we feel tired, we could not concentrate and feel that we have enough energy to complete all activities. Unfortunately a general exhaustion so heavy that slows us down when doing things we enjoy and prefer to quit completely. The positive is that we have endless energy boosters around, just have to know to use them.
Here we will explain the most effective to increase your daily energy.

Rest is sacred

With a busy life that we always have lots to do, we tend to downplay the quantity and quality of sleep. To bed late, fall asleep watching TV and mobile in hand affects our energy in a major way. Try to go to bed at the same time every night without distractions around to ensure a more conciliatory deep sleep. Thus, if you can not go to bed early, at least you’ll ensure that sleep quality is superior and feel rested.

You are what you eat

There are certain foods that boost our energy because they contain nutrients that our body needs and often not enough:

Omega-3 in your diet includes salmon, trout, spinach, broccoli, almonds and nuts as a snack.
Dark Chocolate: Eat one or two pieces of black chocolate mid-morning. The iron and magnesium containing make you feel refreshed.
Banana: A little of this fruit with breakfast stabilizes blood sugar and give you the adrenaline you need.
Citrus: Add to your list of market orange, lemon and mandarin, containing vitamin C will help your immune system.

Hydrate to increase your energy

Often the feeling of fatigue and lack of energy that we feel is due to lack of hydration. Remember that our bodies are 90 water, if not consume enough fluid low power. Try taking two glasses of water when you feel tired and notice the difference.

Increase your physical activity

We think that if we are tired and exercise we will be more tired but the truth is that it works in reverse. Exercise at least three times a week and when you’re in the middle of an activity and fatigue takes hold of you, go for a walk 10 minutes and see how you regain energy.

The most important meal of the day

Do not let the breakfast rush make you fall short. Try to make a good breakfast with cereal, fruit and protein for energy to last all day.


When you feel that your energy is declining tomato from a break and concentrate on your breathing. Make 5 deep breaths from your diaphragm will make your blood pumping and energy you longer. If you want to learn how to increase your energy and lower stress levels visit our plan 21 days.

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