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How to maintain weight and prevent weight gain

How to maintain weight and prevent weight gain

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It is not a secret to anyone that has as the years pass our metabolism is changing, becoming a little slower. This, depending on each person’s habits can lead to a gradual increase in weight and height, something that many people do not want to happen. On the other hand, those who have undergone a diet does not want to win the lost kilos again.


The first thing that is important to consider to get maintain weight and prevent weight gain, is to understand that actually our metabolism changes with age, as does our lifestyle. Teenagers are often much more active than an adult of 30 years, so the key to maintaining weight is to use every tool at our disposal to keep our metabolism accelerated and make our ally.

In our article how to speed up metabolism, we explain the key factors that must be considered. Many of them are general strategies to maintain weight and prevent weight gain.

If you want to maintain your weight without abrupt changes, whether you did or not a diet, it is important to take into account some habits relating particularly to the way you do your daily meals.

To achieve your goal, consider that:

You should never delete any meal, especially breakfast. This makes your metabolism run slower and forces your body to cumulate more fat and calories, pro so I avoid it. You must not do too heavy dinners often. 7 days a week, try to eat light at least 5 or 6. The heavy and calorie dinners make us fat because our body does not have time to burn all those calories before bed.

To maintain your weight and not get fat is critical not only a balanced diet, but to learn the art of balancing what we eat. For example, if one night going out to dinner and then a few drinks, and you know that commit excesses, then eat lunch that day light.

Do not feel guilty if one day ingest a very heavy meal, but when you do compensates and eat light at other meals. Nor do you have the habit of doing this often, eat well and healthy every day is important.

You want to maintain your weight and not gain weight over the years? Then forget to always eat out. So you think you’re eating something light, the reality is that the restaurants cook with large amounts of oil, grease, butter and other caloric ingredients, and shall never be as healthy as eating at home.

So the best you can do is take each day your lunch to work or go home, if your routine allows it. Let the experience of going to a restaurant for special occasions, and when you do take into account our recommendations for how to eat out without gaining weight.

Try out the most natural and healthy diet possible and watch it hard to gain weight. Some tips to help you get are:

Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables, forget presentations frozen or already prepared, full of preservatives and calories you do not need. Eating fried very occasionally and always prefer healthier and equally delicious preparations such as baked, grilled or steamed. No matter how good they are, sweets and pastries are highly harmful for our body. They do not provide any nutrients and can also lead to problems getting diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. Consume them only possible way and never daily. Moderate intake of all foods that you know are bad for your health: soft drinks, sweets, sausages, etc.

After all these tips to keep your weight and prevent weight gain linked to food, there is one more missing and that has to do with lifestyle: if you want to always look healthy figure do exercise and forget inactivity. Our body is a complex system that needs exercise to stay healthy, if you spend all day sitting, you move little and eat too much or wrong, it is impossible to maintain a healthy body.

At least you should practice half an hour of exercise a day and follow a training plan more elaborate if you intend to tone your figure. Who exercise daily are healthier (scientifically proven), so incorporating sport in your life and you will see positive changes in your figure.

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