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How to make sesame oil

How to make sesame oil

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In Southeast Asian cuisine is very common to use sesame oil and today this vegetable oil has already spread to the cuisine of many other places on the planet. And is that the sesame seeds or sesame oil allow developing a distinctive and ideal for seasoning and flavor many dishes, which also has many beneficial properties for the body flavor. We explain in detail how to make sesame oil.


The development of sesame oil requires that the seeds of this cereal are very dry, which are called sesame, so that we can accelerate the process toasting in the oven.

To do this, you must extend the sesame seeds on a baking sheet and place suitable to medium height with a preheated 180 oven tray. Set aside about 10 minutes, open the oven and remove them with a spoon and put them back plus some minutes remaining toast on all sides.

Once you have toasted sesame seeds or sesame seeds, you must cool the seeds in a bowl and then you need to put them into a saucepan with a cup of sunflower oil and put it on the fire for about two minutes.

The next step in making sesame oil consist of passing the mixture through the blender, so that the seeds loose all its juice. Also, you should let it stand for about two hours.

Finally, you must sneak sesame oil to remove the remains of sesame you can with a fine or filtering it through a sterile gauze placed in the mouth of a can or bottle colander.

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