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How to Meditate. Tips and keys

How to Meditate. Tips and keys

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It is no secret that meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress but also is highly recommended to reflect on our day and day and get in touch with ourselves strategy. The hardest thing is to start, so here we give tips and clues so you know how to meditate and can incorporate this technique into your daily life.


The benefits of meditation on health are different, discover them in this article.

To meditate you must choose a quiet environment that invites relaxation. No device must be switched on, or TV, or your mobile, the key is to disconnect completely. May be an area of your home or a nearby park, the beach at the beginning or end of the day, or elsewhere calm.

You can meditate sitting in a chair or on the floor with a mat or cushion. Choose a position that makes you feel comfortable (not necessarily have to cross your legs like an Indian) but it is important that your spine remains straight to permit the flow of energies.

Another important detail is that the position allows you to breathe properly and fill the chest cavity clean air. Avoid lying because amidst so quiet and relaxation you could fall asleep.

During meditation music some people prefer to place conducive for it, others want absolute silence. The decision is personal it is important to keep your eyes and concentrate in practice.

Start by relaxing every muscle in your body from the tips of your toes to the head, through your legs and especially in the back, an area that usually accumulate a lot of tension.

When you feel you are relaxed begins the moment of meditation, it is always important to choose something to focus, some people choose a mantra to sing or say, others concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing. This allows you to keep away the thoughts focusing your attention and energy that you have chosen.

At first the goal is not to let the mind go blank (this is the ideal but requires a lot of practice) but calming thoughts, let the ideas flow through your head without clinging to them, it is a way to make our mind rest, while feeling the sensations that leaves us this practice: as voltage decreases, the pulses are calmed and contact with ourselves.

Some people choose, after a few minutes of silence, words or sentences to repeat others prefer viewed in an ideal location that generates them pleasure, can be real or imaginary, it is important that you forward this space stillness and peace that is what is looking through meditation.

There are different ways to meditate and it all depends on if you practice a specific religion, if you meditate through the precepts of yoga or any other practice or if you do it on their own simply to connect with yourself.

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