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How to practice meditation on the beach

How to practice meditation on the beach

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Ideal for meditation and relaxation: the sea. Because of the natural environment, its smell, its sound, its tranquility, is a scenario widely used for this purpose. Many people meditate oceanfront getting great health benefits, while maintaining a constant joy.
If you want to know how to do, here is how to practice meditation facing the sea.


To practice meditation on the beach, the first is expected to go very comfortable and flexible clothing. Ideal for pass not neither hot nor cold during meditation exercise. It is recommended to bring a blanket or something to insulate from cold or heat of the sand, because it can be annoying.

Try to go early in the morning at sunrise, or sunset. These are the moments that meditation leads to greater effect, and more if practiced in a natural area in which the energy of the tides and the sun was directly received.

Find a quiet area where not many people with the sole purpose of you not distracted by noises. It is best to only hear the natural noise of the environment.

It is advisable to be close to the shore to practice meditation waterfront but avoid getting wet at all times.

Place the blanket and lie about it. Bring a pillow to keep your head slightly raised and be comfortable. Lie down, take off your shoes and if you can feel the sand on the beach.

Close your eyes, stretch open the hips legs. Place the arms with hands facing up parallel to the body. Relax, relax every muscle in your body as much as you can, until you feel them.

Do not think about anything, just listen to the sounds of the sea, waves, birds. Feel the smell of salt, the smell of wet sand. Go with all those feelings and nothing else.

Stay in that state a few minutes, until your body stamina. Then slowly Get back. Do it slowly, slowly moving his feet and hands and hence, passes moving the rest of the body.


If you can, practice it every day.

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