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How to relax through breathing

How to relax through breathing

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Although often be relaxed interact with the holidays, visiting a spa or long sessions of therapy, it is certain that the first tool to relax we have in our own bodies. Our lungs and how we use them, can be tremendously useful when we want to relax our body and calm our mind. It’s all about knowing how to do, so in this article we explain how to relax through breathing.

Do we know how to breathe?

Although breathing is something we do automatically from cradle to grave, often do not know it correctly. The ideal is to inspire through the nose and exhale through the mouth, but many people who breathe only through your mouth.
Stop to meet our breath to make us aware of how we make and release air is the first step to relax, and improve our health.

The costal breathing

While we tend not to practice, there are at least three types of breathing that can be performed, depending on the part of the lungs that we fill harder. In disciplines such as yoga is much emphasize all of them, and yoga experts know their benefits, but in our day to day have less account.
The first of these is the costal breathing. It is that used unconsciously, puffing out his chest while inhaling and feeling the pressure ribs laterally sides. Especially that supplies oxygenated blood to the heart and lungs. It’s better breathing for sports.

The clavicular breathing

The second is the clavicular breathing that oxygenates especially the bloodstream to the brain. To do it is necessary to inflate the upper chest and as you inhale, slowly raise your shoulders.
It is better not abuse this breathing as it is with less oxygen is obtained and is related to anxiety problems. But in times where you need a lot of mental concentration, make a batch of five breaths clavicular can help you focus.

Abdominal breathing

This third type of breathing, abdominal, oxygenates the blood that irrigates the reproductive and digestive organs. To do it properly place your hands on your belly. Imagine you have a balloon under the navel and try to fill it. If done correctly you will notice how your belly swells slowly. Then exhale through the mouth.
This breath is what brings more benefits. First, if you speak in public, abdominal breathing during speech will help you project your voice and come out harder. This breathing helps to control certain pains and appears to accelerate the venous circulation.
Finally, it is the most effective and indicated breathing for relaxation. Since it is necessary to be aware that practiced, requires some concentration. Also, practice relaxes both body and mind.

Concentration and relaxation. The full breath.

Once we know the three types of breathing, and the benefits of each, ideally implement them.
Make five abdominal breaths five sacks five clavicular. Finally, perform a full breath: inhaling inflates the abdomen, chest and rises slightly collarbones, to begin to exhale empty abdomen, chest and relax your shoulders. Repeat about 10 times.
This technique will not only help better oxygenate your body, but to relax and concentrate better.

In your everyday breathe

When you live a moment of great stress and urgently need to relax, try to do several deep abdominal breaths. You will feel your mind is relaxed and stress affect you less.
Try to be aware of your breath and breathe properly, to improve your physical and mental health. If you need more help with breathing techniques and relaxation, we suggest you make our plan, in which we offer much more information and different techniques.

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