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How to Spot Syndrome Alice in Wonderland

How to Spot Syndrome Alice in Wonderland

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The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland is a disorder at the level of perception. People with this syndrome are usually children or adults who suffer from migraine. The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland is characterized by alterations in the size, shape and spatial location of objects, distorted body image and time.
There is no prescribed treatment for cure, but usually disappear with the passage of time. Here we present, how to detect Syndrome Alice in Wonderland.


Micropsia or macropsia. Objects, people and animals are seen in small size or conversely, are perceived with a large size.

Awareness of the disorder. People suffering from this disorder at all times are aware of what happens to them, yet can not achieve change these perceptions.

Distorted body image. It has to do with the perception that some parts of your body are enlarged or shrink.

Over time. Time seems to pass quickly or slow down, also the movements of the objects undergo this process.

Associated disorders. Often this syndrome is accompanied by visual illusions, difficulty in color perception and inability to recognize familiar faces.


If you suffer from the disorder of Alice in Wonderland, consult a health care professional

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