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How to stop being a hypochondriac

How to stop being a hypochondriac

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Hypochondria is a disease characterized by fear felt by a person at risk of serious diseases. Hypochondriacs may be suffering symptoms of the disease that create suffering, death disturbs and in many cases may be affected their daily and professional life, because every time you experience a symptom can not help but relate it to a deadly disease. If you suspect you suffer from hypochondria or recently have been diagnosed, in this article we tell you how to stop being a hypochondriac.


To stop being a hypochondriac is advisable to stop talking about the disease. Hypochondriacs tend to alleviate their fear commenting to others, repeatedly, the evils they feel and anguish that produces them. However, when we communicate something our mind assumes. So it is best to avoid giving priority to symptoms or signs turn to raise awareness that everything is fine and nothing is wrong, because that is the reality.

One of the most desirable and important to stop being a hypochondriac things is to stop searching online for a diagnostic symptoms. This habit of looking for signs of disease in digital medical encyclopedias only manages to increase the distressed state of the person and dip into endless possibilities and frightening symptoms that predispose the emergence of new diseases. The work must carry the experts and in this case only a doctor can and is trained to diagnose.

Another tip to be less hypochondriac is count how many times has assisted the doctor or performed analyzes in one year. If the total amount is shameful it is time to react. This will also help the person to see that all senses fears over that time did not end in nothing serious and is still alive. It is aware that it is a mental and not physical state.

All agree that the mind is powerful, and so, so much so that Hypochondria is a mental disorder and to stop being a hypochondriac must learn to control the mind, negative thoughts and emotions pessimistic or depressed.

To achieve the first thing you should do is open the visual field, there is a world beyond diseases, where they spend most important things that symptoms that alert the nervous system, where life is lived in fear that the state does not allow take advantage. Begins to detail the things that happen around you and brings your mind wander.

Stop being a hypochondriac includes learning to be more positive. If all negative thoughts are all going to go wrong. If thoughts, however, are of optimism, hope and joy day have a better result and mood of the people directly affects their mental balance and physical wellbeing. Leaving home, exercising, share with friends without talking about the sickness are activities that can help you be more optimistic.

It is easy to assume that it is hypochondriac, doctors constantly repeated that there are symptoms, but the disease is not present, it is all a matter of the mind. The best way to feel supported in this process to stop being a hypochondriac is to seek psychological help. Psychoanalysts are able to determine what might have triggered this mental disorder and correct it in time, without the person who will offer exercises and other alternatives to overcome the disorder.

Although it sounds amazing, sex helps to stop being a hypochondriac. During sex the body releases emotions, but also frees psychological obsessions, so it is an excellent therapy to counteract the impulsivity of hypochondria and replace anxiety with pleasure in mind.

Finally, to stop being a hypochondriac is necessary to stop being afraid of the disease, accept that the flu is just a flu, a hand tremor is Parkinson’s Disease, which are many answers that the body performs daily and everything is not a disease and, importantly, should it be, there are people in the world who live with them. We must put aside the fears are unfounded and see things as they are to give them the importance they require.

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