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How to take Boldo

How to take Boldo

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Boldo is one of the most used to cleanse the liver and treat various liver problems medicinal plants, mostly due to its beneficial properties among which its purifying power. Furthermore it is an herb that is commonly used to promote weight loss, so their varied uses make it an ideal alternative for many. But although it is a natural choice, it is important to understand the proper way of eating it is and what it is not recommended.


Boldo is a medicinal plant known for its various properties, among which are:

High purification capacity, helping reduce fluid retention and eliminate toxins. Properties to favor the recovery of the liver when suffering from various liver conditions. Promotes intestinal transit and relieve stomach upset. Helps reduce stress.

Although Boldo is a medicinal plant and therefore a natural choice, its effects on the body may be contraindicated in certain cases, so it is not recommended in:

Pregnant or suspect the existence of a pregnancy, because it has abortifacient properties. Nor must be consumed during breastfeeding. Patients taking anticoagulants. People with kidney disease and those with obstruction of the bile ducts. Children.

One of the most common ways of taking Boldo is infused. In this case, you must add a teaspoon of Boldo per cup of hot water, it is recommended to let stand for at least 10 minutes for the herb release all its properties.

Eating more than three cups a day before meals if it is to clean or improve liver health, this should be done for 5 days. If constipation or uric acid is recommended to take two cups, one in the morning and once in the afternoon. Boldo is also a useful tool to improve digestion and reduce the heaviness infusion, can have a cup after heavy and heavy meals.

Another common ways of taking Boldo is a capsule, in this case the dose indicated on the packaging of each product, which can change depending on the presentation and content milligrams per capsule should be followed.

Boldo essential oil is also a common presentation of this herb. As in the case of capsules, indications about its intake may vary depending on the brand being acquired, so query recommended dosage of the product.

Boldo is a medicinal plant that should not be taken for long periods of time. If used to improve the condition of the liver, reduce uric acid or treat other health problems, it is advisable to eat for 5 days. In case of longer treatment and take maximum 3 continuous weeks under medical supervision to prevent harmful effects.

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