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How to tell if my child has mental retardation

How to tell if my child has mental retardation

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Mental retardation involves several things, not just intellectual functioning that is below average. A child with mental retardation also presents a significant deficit of adaptive capacity, such as communication, self-care, academic ability, social skills, etc. But beyond deficiencies, these children have many riches.
Learn to develop and stimulate the capabilities of our children is a very important step that will promote their personal development. Here we present how to tell if my child has mental retardation.


Sit, crawl or walk later than other children.

Difficulty learning to speak or start talking later than normal.

Learning difficulty. Presents difficulties in logical reasoning and problem solving. These characteristics are most evident when entering school.

Difficulty adapting to social rules. Maintains a permanent child behavior and does not respond to commands.

Difficulty remembering things. If they are taught something new, quickly forgotten and struggle to retain information.

They are not aware of the consequences of their actions. They do not understand the gravity of performing certain things.

Lack of curiosity about unfamiliar situations.


If you suspect your child may have mental retardation, go to a specialist doctor for a proper diagnosis

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