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How to treat Anthrax

How to treat Anthrax

Anthrax is an infection of the skin, it is a hard edema containing serous fluid. The Anthrax what can cause various anthrax the ingestion of bacilli, the bite of a fly has landed on an animal or if you have cracked skin and there is direct contact with skin or fur of animals.

The person known to suffer when their skin Anthrax manifests a red and swollen spot on the site of infection.
Appearing in the center of the stain a blister causes burning and itching. Eventually this blister breaks and leads to a black crust. Gradually, it grows larger the crust and leads to more itching and burning until a hard edema eventually appear in the infected area.

The person suffering from this infection may manifest within hours or may take about 5 days. Symptoms include swollen glands and lymphatic vessels in the affected area, the person has depression, drowsiness, fever, dizziness, dry tongue, diarrhea, vomiting, bad breath and fainting.


When you bathe you must rub the skin well, especially on the feet. It is also useful to apply jets in the affected area and then rest in bed or on the couch.

The application of sedative compresses to the area of Anthrax, serve to soothe itchy pustules.

A useful remedy to make Anthrax matures and eventually burst, is the preparation of a mixture. Their preparation is to take 4 liters of water in a bowl, add 1kg of the second stem bark of holly to pieces and bring to a boil over low heat for about 10 hours. During this time you have to add hot water as the original water to vaporize. Then remove pan from heat and barks that are drying and later put them in where sheep manure left 20 days away. After 20 days, crusts are removed, mash in a mortar, washed with water and stored in a sealed bottle for future use. Its application is to place above Anthrax, changing them every 12 hours until the end Anthrax mature and bursting.

In the case that has been opened and therefore pustule the pus out outwards and can spread elsewhere in the body, has to be cleaned several times with sterile water. We recommend applying a cap over the open grilled onions Anthrax and then cover it with gauze and bandage. The cap will be changed onion twice a day until the pustule is clean and blood appears without the presence of pus. When this happens, compresses prepared with honey until you can leave the wound uncovered apply.

Every day you have to apply a steam bath in bed using compresses to the infected area.

Another very important factor that must be taken into account for the treatment of anthrax, is to follow a proper diet. In this must abound and raw foods rich in vitamins and minerals in order to neutralize the acidity.

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You need

Lemon juice.
Shower or bath.
Sedative compresses.
Raw foods rich in vitamins and minerals (fruits, vegetables, etc).
4 liters of water.
1kg of the second stem bark of holly.


Anthrax is an infection of the skin, so you should always wipe your hands before eating with lemon juice

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