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How to treat prosopagnosia

How to treat prosopagnosia

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The prosopagnosia is a disorder in recognizing faces or familiar faces. The person who has it can recognize the different parts of the face, but can not identify who it is. In prosopagnosia the person can not recognize the faces of his family nor his immediate environment.
It is an injury to the brain that generates the disorder and affects a small percentage of the population. Then we will present, how to treat prosopagnosia.


Consultation with a specialist. It is essential to attend a health professional to establish an accurate diagnosis to rule out other associated pathologies.

Listening strategies. To distinguish the voice of the people known for identification, is one of the first steps to develop.

Key Features. Has to do with the ability to distinguish characteristics of individuals, such as mustaches, scars, etc.

Compensatory strategies. People with prosopagnosia tend to develop all kinds of compensatory strategies to live with this difficulty. Thus, mental strategies that are developed and develop the full potential recognition through those senses other than the visual.

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