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How to use flower essences for Attention Deficit

How to use flower essences for Attention Deficit

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The ADHD is a neurobiological syndrome and genetic basis, it also speaks of other factors such as nutrition, family and psychosocial producing alterations in attention span and concentration that occurs in children with normal intelligence. It may or may not occur associated with hyperactivity and impulsivity. What characterizes the child with ADHD is the increased frequency and intensity of these behaviors if you compare it with peers of the same age.


The ADHD may have consequences on performance in school, poor grades, and Flower essence therapy or personality development, low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, guilt and frustration, problems of social integration (difficulty relating to others, isolation, social and discrimination) rejection.

Flower essence therapy is to see the emotional map of each child, environment and family dynamics, social environment, history and disturbing past experience that this is manifested as restlessness, anxiety and impulsivity.

Through the therapeutic process the child learns to connect with yourself, learn to express their emotions, why they awry, what their fears, frustrations, why feel anger. The origin of this disharmony is sought and the therapist is a listening guide accompanies and selects suitable to the needs of each child essences.

While it is true each person is a unique and special being, some flower essences that are used frequently in children with ADHD, but will eventually be the therapist who does the formula for each child considering the emotional pattern, family and environmental factors.

Here we point out some useful species in this attention deficit: Clematis: For concentration and memory. Children dreamers. The essence gives a ground wire to be more present in the here and now. Larch: To overcome the frustration, feeling that they are capable of learning. Chestnut Bud: To learn from mistakes and assimilate learning. Impatiens: anxious, impatient, too Activity Children. Cherry Plum: Children who do not control their impulses, and in some cases could act violently. Chicory: manipulators Children.


Educating a child is no easy task and flower essences are also at the service of those parents to accompany their child process. It is an opportunity for growth, development and learning for the whole family for a warm relationship

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