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Learning to relax

Learning to relax

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The work, home, bills, children, friends, your partner, your family, time. All these things can create stress and unbalance our entire system. The key to handle all at once and not collapse is to learn to relax.
Relax can be a key to maintaining the balance between your mental, physical and emotional health. This article will teach you how to learn to relax with small changes in your daily life.


Give priority to exercise. We already know that exercise is necessary for your body’s health, we must remember is that it is just as necessary for mental health. So be it running, walking, doing yoga, dancing or aerobics class, exercise allows us to drop the issues that are not as relevant but which, stress, we give more importance than it has. Many times we postpone the exercise and becomes something we will do, not something we do. We must give the priority needs and program as an important part of our day.

Displays. The mind is the most powerful thing we have, it can get out of the area of stress and travel wherever we are happier or where the problem ceases to exist. Find a quiet space, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and do a visualization exercise. It may be in a place that inspires tranquility, or display a near future where all obstacles are resolved and you are right where you want to be. Exercise your mind to look calm will help you handle situations of distress and to keep calm.

Laugh. Find humor in things makes the body and mind to relax. Laughter is the food of the soul, is an immediate release of tension. Watch five minutes a funny video or share a funny experience with a partner and do not hold back. Let the laughter overwhelm you and you will see that after the laughter feel immediate relief. Search humor to your life will take away the attention problems and rip your way to more joy.

Adjust your attitude and focus on the present. Our attitude is a choice. Every time you wake up and start the day we choose how to face situations. You can choose to see the positive side of things and receive back positive thoughts that come with it or you can choose to see the negative and let you absorb those feelings that generate more stress. Try to focus on what is happening in the present, to feel the fresh air, how good it is lagging work and good around you. A change of attitude is one of the keys to relax and meet the challenges with better provision.

Connect with others. Search interacting with another person, show affection to your dog or hug a friend. interactions help us think better and better solutions to obstacles, give us a different perspective and often need to see it from outside to understand it better. Call a friend, talk to your coworker, go for coffee with a friend who got time no see and talk about positive things in their lives. You’ll see how you’ll feel more relaxed.

Take a break. 10 minutes can make a difference. Become an infusion of chamomile, looking for a place away from the phone or computer and give yourself a break. Breathe deeply and try to clarify your thoughts. Some hot tea and a moment alone will help you regain a positive attitude and keep calm.


Practice these tips every day!

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