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Meditation for your body and mind

Meditation for your body and mind

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Meditation is a mental activity with proven benefits in the body. Taking our thinking to a state of relaxation and concentration we can reduce stress, sleep better and handle minor ailments such as headaches.
However, meditation can be difficult if you’ve never done.
That’s why sometimes some tips needed to relax and concentrate our minds. Next, we show you how to meditate properly.

A tranquil setting

The first is to find a pleasant environment in which meditation can be performed in a relaxed manner. That place can be your room, garden, beach, lounge, etc. You do not need special equipment but the place you choose has to be quiet, to avoid interruptions. Please allow place you in a comfortable position, so it is best if there is any sofa or rug, or a soft surface.
It is important that the temperature is comfortable. Note that you can have a good time sitting without moving, and too hot or cold can make you feel uncomfortable.

Music or silence?

You do not need an orchestra to meditate Tibetan bowls. In fact, there are people who find the music very uncomfortable when relaxing the mind. Try to meditate with soft music, maybe with sounds of nature, and if you see that distracts you try to do it quietly.

Take care that no loud noises or voices can ruin your concentration on your place of meditation.

Good posture

No need to put your legs in impossible positions for good meditation. Note that this is an eminently mental exercise, so that the position, although it can contribute, it is not determinative.

Always look for a position where you feel comfortable, where you can stay for a long time without cramping or numbness. Sitting with legs crossed and his back against the wall, sitting on heels, etc.

Although meditate lying can be tempting, do it can lead to falling asleep in deep meditation since your body will be very relaxed. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid this position unless your goal is to meditate sleep better.

The importance of breath

Good breathing is crucial to relax the mind and meditate properly.

Always try to take the air through the nose, and tries to direct air into your diaphragm. Imagine you have a balloon under the navel, and that the air you breathe has to fill, you’ll notice how swollen belly. Exhale slowly through your mouth, feeling the balloon is deflated thy womb. Place your hands on your stomach can help you make this breathing properly.

This diaphragmatic breathing will help you relax and concentrate more easily.

Relax your body to relax your mind

Before relax your mind, relax your body. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, how your belly inflates and deflates. In the passage of air through your nose when entering the body, and between your lips when leaving.

Focus gradually in different parts of your body, from top to bottom: the face, neck, back, chest, arms, legs. Relax every one of them, feeling lost daily pressures, how are relaxed, helping your mind to be quiet.

Will be easier to relax if you have incorporated into your routine. You can find several tips to relax in your daily routine.

Leave yours thoughts flowing

Once your body is relaxed, your mind refocuses on the moves you make to breathe.

Gradually, try to empty your mind of thoughts. Visualize that whenever an idea comes to mind, the waves they take, leaving only tranquility. Or, that the thoughts that arise you are pushed by a gentle breeze that misses your head. These visualizations can help, especially at the beginning, to think of nothing.

It remains in this state of calm and non-thinking the time you need, without fretting over the duration of the meditation. There is no deadline, do not worry.

As you meditate more often, it will be easier to achieve deep relaxation and meditation quickly without interruptions. Practice whenever you can and take advantage of the benefits of this ancient discipline.

If you want to know more about meditation and acquire tools that allow you to incorporate into your daily life, you may be interested in our plan 21 days to learn to meditate.

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