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Removing the sugar Stevia

Removing the sugar Stevia

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Stevia rebaudiana is a herb of the family of chrysanthemums, grows wild in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. Of the 300 unique species of Stevia plants, is the only rich in sweet glycosides and stevioside. As a natural sweetener, Stevia rebaudiana may be dried and crushed powder prepared in syrup or liquid sweetener or extracted by alcohol extraction or by steam distillation.
Alcohol extraction is preferred because it removes most of the plant sweeteners. Note: not being extracted sugar grass, will extract natural sweetener grass. The sugar comes from a completely different source.


Wash two cups of fresh leaves of stevia, organic with clean, fresh water. Start or wrinkled heap brown leaves. Place the sheets on absorbent towels to dry paper. You can buy fresh Stevia plants in many nurseries, garden centers and online supplies organic herbs.

Chop the leaves of the Stevia thick with a knife. Cut grass plant fibers and breaks cell walls, releasing glycosides for extraction. Cutting the leaves is similar in theory to grind apples before extraction of cider. The more effectively grinds apples, more juice can be extracted.

Measure one cup of grain alcohol and pour over the leaves of stevia in a container. Cover the bowl and let the mixture stand for 24 hours. Alcohol is an effective solution that removes much of the resins, and steviosides glycosides in Stevia rebaudiana. In addition, alcohol is a preservative and stabilizer.

Strain sedimentation plant the liquid. Pour the mixture into a cheesecloth strainer for the first wash. To remove any particles smaller plant, passes a second time through a coffee filter strainer.

Pour the alcohol extract infusion in a saucepan. Place the pan on a burner and heat the mixture on low simmer but do not boil. Heat the sample until most of the alcohol has evaporated. What remains is concentrated extract.

Stevia extract Store in brown dropper bottles. Because the concentrated extract (extract of Stevia is 300 times the sweetness of sugar), the extract must be diluted before use. Dilution ratios are of three parts water to one part of Stevia.

You need

Stevia leaves.
A measuring cup.
Paper towels.
Grain alcohol.
Coffee filters.


Stevioside is a low calorie sweeteners all-natural, which has a low glycemic index, which means it does not cause a change in the levels of glucose in the blood. It is also heat stable and versatile in baking and cooking. The only exception is for baking bread. Stevioside will not chemically interact with the yeast

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