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Spiritual benefits of the most important quartz

Spiritual benefits of the most important quartz

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Many times, our spiritual side is affected by events or events that shake our lives. Before them, gemology helps improve and grow spiritually with quartz-based therapies. Through meditation and concentration with stones, the spirit can benefit and improve their properties.
In this article we explain the spiritual benefits of the most important quartz.


Clear quartz, to be free of impurities and mixtures, generally used to heal any condition. Use this switch to channel the energies which the human body. Activate each of the chakras and ends with possible energy blockages.

The Tourmaline Quartz is considered the quartz patience. Full of confidence and perseverance to anyone who uses it. It is also used to absorb electromagnetic radiation from computers and electronics.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. Relax completely leading to a state of absolute tranquility and calm. Help with emotional problems and prepares the human heart to love. Besides helping to combat depression, irritation and nervousness.

The green quartz is considered ideal for stress stone for those who lead a life very quickly. Helps promote a form of slow and methodical life, stimulate patience and understanding.

The amethyst quartz helps regenerate energy. Bring peace to environments charged by some negative influence. With this stone, the return of peace and energy are insured.

Blue Quartz is good for the minds and energies out due to work or other concerns. Helps relaxation, and improving individual spirituality in times of job strain.


Get advice from a professional gem therapy to orient you in your particular case.

Clean your crystals before use

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