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Using chamomile on a daily

Using chamomile on a daily

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Chamomile is one of the most popular teas of all time, known for soothing properties as diverse as our mood or bleach hair blonde people, its versatility makes it useful for different things. We give you some uses of chamomile in the day from your health to your beauty.


It is a classic in many homes, if a food has fallen badly and you feel sick to a sudden urge to vomit stomach, a cup of chamomile to help you relive and debug your body.

The infusion of chamomile is also often used to relieve stomach cramps upset with surprising efficiency, so it is one of the classic tricks of grandmothers.

It is recommended when nerves take hold of us helping us to feel much calmer after an episode of tension.

If your baby is facing teething sure you’ve heard that a great way to relieve it is with your very washed hands, rub with your finger full of chamomile area, this will soothe and other work as a good antiseptic. For several minutes massage repeatedly applying chamomile.

If your little one or even yourself irritated you should have a cup of chamomile, but can also add several drops of essence in the water of the tub and sink a few minutes to relax, if you do it before you sleep better.

If your eyes are too irritated product of an allergy or pollution prepared chamomile tea, let it cool and apply cotton pads allowing the liquid to come to clean inside. You will feel immediate relief.

You can perform this same process to reduce inflammation of the eyes, puffiness and dark circles, a trick of ancestral and effective beauty.

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