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What are complex carbohydrates

What are complex carbohydrates

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We’ve all heard of carbohydrates and most people can identify many of the foods in this group. However carbohydrates are grouped into simple and complex, each with its own nutritionally we generated various benefits contributions. When it comes to enhancing our physical training and obtain the maximum energy from food, complex carbohydrates are the best alternative, though not always know to choose them.


Once ingested, carbohydrates are processed in our body to become glucose, used to produce the energy we need daily. This process will meet all carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates yet they do it more efficiently converted into glucose more slowly, making us able to harness more energy they bring us throughout the day.

Therefore complex carbohydrates are recommended as a food that should be present in the diet of athletes or those who train regularly. More slowly raise levels of blood sugar and bring a lot of energy.

Many of the foods that make up the group of complex carbohydrates are grains, which should preferably be consumed in its integral version also connected to the input fiber that we provide. Among them we can highlight:

Normal or brown rice Oats, full of health benefits Wheat germ Bran Rye is very important to consume these foods in your original presentation to really take advantage of all their contributions.

But these are not the only complex carbohydrates that we can find, in fact many foods we commonly consume at breakfast or other meals are complex carbohydrates, such as:

Bread Potatoes.
Legumes such as lentils, beans or chickpeas.

It is important to include in our diet complex carbohydrates, preferably in their integral versions, in order to obtain energy.

Although it is believed that carbohydrates are fattening, really should not be without this food group because it is essential for our health. Not for nothing complex carbohydrates like whole grains and pulses occupy an important place in the food pyramid.

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