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What are natural diuretics

What are natural diuretics

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Natural diuretics are the best allies to prevent fluid retention and help prevent swelling and discomfort caused by this condition. They are also excellent allies to promote weight loss and help us keep our figure. But what food and medicinal plants have these properties? In this article, we explain what are natural diuretics and how you can extract the most out.


Among the natural diuretics, fruits are an excellent alternative. Full of nutrients and vitamins, serve to freshen up to help us fight the thirst and also to remove fluid.

The most popular diuretic fruits are:
Pineapple, an excellent ally for diet rich in antioxidants. The melon is rich in vitamins A and E. The watermelon, a large sewage full of nutrients. Known for avoiding problems in the urethra and urine cure infections blueberries. Oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, full of vitamin C, provide a good dose of liquid body.

But not only fruits can help remove fluid, vegetables are also excellent natural diuretics. These include:
Asparagus, benefiting the proper functioning of our kidneys. The brussels sprouts, which help us prevent fluid retention helping to eliminate toxins. Lettuce, undoubted star of salads, it is a great natural diuretic, because its water content. Cucumbers, with a high liquid content and very few calories. Artichoke, excellent ally for weight loss. Tomatoes and help stimulate the kidneys to remove fluid. Beet and carrot, allied excellent to help eliminate fat.
Apart from natural diuretics, we can not ignore medicinal plants and herbal teas, such as: green tea, horsetail, dandelion, fennel, bay leaf or nettle. All are great alternatives to prevent fluid retention and ensure our health.

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