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What are the benefits of chocolate for health

What are the benefits of chocolate for health

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The chocolate one of the most delicious guilty pleasure that we can find, a perfect companion for all times and a favorite of many dessert. But besides making us enjoy every time you eat, the chocolate is full of health benefits, as long as you consume wisely and choosing the appropriate presentations. Want to know more about this topic? Here, we explain what are the benefits of chocolate for health and recommends how to eat it.


Chocolate is one of the best allies to prevent the formation of free radicals and premature aging of cells, all this because of its antioxidant content. Its good supply of flavonoids help us promote youth of our cells, so it is often used in facial and body masks.

This is also a highly stimulating food, so one of the best known benefits of chocolate is to provide energy to our body, helping us to stay alert and focused on our daily routine.

Because of its antioxidant content chocolate is a great ally to protect our heart and keep it healthy. In addition several studies have emphasized that one of the benefits of chocolate is that it favors our mood, helping to reduce the chances of depression, mostly due to its content of anandamide, a chemical that improves mood.

The chocolate favors the production of serotonin in our brain that helps us not only to be happier, as mentioned above, but also to deal with anxiety, stress and moodiness, being a good natural painkiller.

This dessert is a favorite of many and thankfully has several positive contributions to our health, but to get all these benefits must know how to use it, otherwise it could become a source of unfavorable fat, so take note:

You should avoid milk chocolate, as well as containing much fat does not have the same benefits as the black chocolate, so it does not help your health the same way. Opt for black chocolate, which is really the benefits for your health. It only recommends eating a daily portion of chocolate for those who have good health, a healthy weight and physical activity practice. Sedentary people with diseases such as obesity or diabetes should consult their doctor about chocolate intake. Remember that although the chocolate has many health benefits, excessive drinking can be harmful. So, if you can ingest every day, is important to eat chocolate only in a small portion and not consume very large tablets.

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