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What are the benefits of folic acid

What are the benefits of folic acid

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Folic acid or vitamin B9 is an essential nutrient for our body, it helps to promote cell regeneration, maintaining our health and being especially important during pregnancy. This nutrient should be present in our daily diet or ingested, only under medical recommendation, supplement. In this article, we explain what are the benefits of folic acid and in which foods can find it.


Folic acid is a nutrient closely associated with pregnant women or women who are seeking pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy the vitamin helps prevent birth defects of the brain or the back of the fetus, so it is important to add to the diet or swallowed by a fee prescribed by the gynecologist.

In addition it is also effective for treating gum disease during pregnancy nutrient.

Among the benefits of folic acid highlights its property to improve the health of patients with anemia because it helps increase the red blood cell count. Many foods rich in folic acid are also high in fiber, which work very well in the treatment of anemia, iron deficiency specifically.

A good supply of folic acid help us improve digestion, favoring the production of digestive acids and preventing discomfort and stomach ailments. Furthermore, it is an essential nutrient for patients who have conditions in their intestines can not absorb nutrients, becoming an essential vitamin for maintaining our health good.

Among the benefits of folic acid include its properties to reduce the risk of cancers such as colon, rectal, the breast and pancreatic cancer. Combined with other B vitamins like B12 and B6, its positive effects are enhanced.

Folic acid or vitamin B9 ingested a lot can also help prevent heart disease, ensuring our cardiovascular health. Moreover it is a recommended in cases of depression nutrient, since people who suffer from this condition often have low levels of this nutrient.

Folic acid is an important nutrient for those with appetite problems, helping to increase it, thus favoring a more balanced diet.

Deficiency of folic acid can cause conditions, such as:

Anemia, weakness or fatigue, lack of appetite, depression and irritability, nausea and diarrhea, tachycardia problems or growth delay.

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