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What are the benefits of organic foods

What are the benefits of organic foods

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Organic foods, also known as ecological or biological, are those who have not intervened chemicals for production. Such products must meet certain requirements to be considered as such and is mainly vegetables, but also from other product groups. For you to know what are the benefits of organic food, here you can find out.


First, note what is meant by organic food: those that have been produced without the intervention of fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals or even the ground where they have grown herbicides. Thus, it will be mostly vegetables and fruits produced without the intervention of unnatural products.

One of the main benefits of organic foods is found in its taste, smell and color since it has not been altered by any inorganic product, but the essence of the food is maintained.

Similarly, it has been shown that organic products provide more nutrients than those who were treated with fertilizer and chemical additives. The amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants will be greater in the case of organic food.

It is also why organic foods are more beneficial to the human body, as some pesticides used in other types of foods are harmful to health and can reach a relationship with certain conditions established.

On the other hand, it is important that growing organic food aid for environmental protection and prevention of global warming.

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