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What are the benefits of vitamin D

What are the benefits of vitamin D

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Vitamin D is essential for maintaining the health of our skin and bones nutrient. We can obtain some foods rich in vitamin D, however another common ways to produce daily is exposing to the sun for short periods. But what are the benefits of vitamin D and why our body needs?


One of the most important benefits of vitamin D, and the reason why it is so necessary for our body, is because it helps us better absorb calcium to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy.

If we consume daily foods rich in calcium but we did not eat vitamin D, much of this mineral will never be absorbed by our bones, which can lead to loss of bone mass making us prone to diseases like osteoporosis. That is why most calcium supplements are also accompanied by vitamin D.

Vitamin D also helps regulate levels of calcium and phosphorus in our body to keep them in the appropriate media to our needs. When we do not consume enough vitamin D levels of these minerals may be weak or very high, affecting both our health.

An important benefit of vitamin D is that guarantees healthy to influence the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions nervous system. This nutrient promotes healthy muscles, so it is very important during development and throughout life, especially if we practice sport.

Vitamin D also affects the process of blood coagulation, so a correct intake of this nutrient helps prevent bleeding.

It also favors strengthening our immune system, increasing the defenses and helping to prevent infection.

The lack of vitamin D in our body can bring important consequences:

Bone thinning and increased risk to suffer trauma and osteoporosis in children can cause rickets. The lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, to be linked with circulation and metabolism processes glucose. The lack of this nutrient affects our teeth, promoting tooth decay and weakening the teeth.

If you do not know where to get this important nutrient, we invite you to consult our article about foods rich in vitamin D that must be present in your daily diet.

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