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What are the best exercises to improve my memory

What are the best exercises to improve my memory

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We must consider our brain as the most important muscle to exercise. And we must exercise our mind because everything can have a good memory, but you have to work your brain by providing the necessary conditions to remember better. If you want to improve your memory you can do it, so in this article we guide you with some tips for you to know what are the best exercises to improve your memory.


1. When you want to remember where you left a lost object, the first thing you have to do is unlock your mind. That relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply and reconstructs the last thing youve done since the last to the beginning and until the object visualize when you left last time.

2. When you need to study and memorize, the first thing to do is understand what you are reading, you can think what you read in pictures or diagrams as your imagination will help you memorize better.

3. When studying, take breaks. Do not try to remember everything without pausing. You can write key words on paper, make sketches or even representative drawings. Review your notes to remember and to prevent forget.

4. Use mnemonic techniques, using linguistic tricks to facilitate memorization. You can use the art of the cartoon, for example.

5. To remember something or something you have to do, you can use your regular dress accessories. For example changing a finger ring or wristwatch. Thus, you will force your brain to remember what changed your place your add.

6. To keep the mind active and your memory to work properly, it is essential that you sleep enough. Sleeping you consolidate memories and also make the selection of the information that you must discard and forget in your learning.

7. Exercise your Memory with type sudoku or exercises to change your mind exercises at least 15 minutes daily.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, as it is beneficial for the body and mind.

9. Interact and keep friendships. Maintain contact with close friends and have a social network active memory helps activate.

10. Although not completely proven, one of the most powerful exercises to help the memory is to remember a dream. There is nothing more difficult and abstract to remember a dream, and requires great mental capacity. To do this, nothing but you wake up, try to remember from the end backwards in your dream, until you remember more of. At first you can be costly, but with practice you will go on improving dream recall and improve your memory.

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