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What are the properties of echinacea

What are the properties of echinacea

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Echinacea is a plant that has a daisy-like appearance, but its flower is much bigger and the stem is rugged, with some thorns. It is well known and used in medicine for its healing and beneficial properties for the human organism. In this article we explain what the properties of echinacea are so you can benefit from this plant and improve your health naturally.


It is regarded as a natural antibiotic, for its ability to stimulate the immune system to its composition in echinacin, caffeic acid and chicoric acid. Thanks to them, protects the body from viruses and bacteria.

It helps fight colds, even prevents all the above. Your daily intake helps to end the symptoms of colds and flu making it possible that these are not developed to its final phase and the body does not suffer.

For all people who have chronic throat problems, echinacea helps fight. In addition, relieves itching and stinging sensation. Similarly, for pharyngitis problems and to improve the state when they are inflamed tonsils.

Echinacea is highly recommended to treat problems of bronchitis and inflammation of the respiratory system. By strengthening the entire immune system, prevents these diseases and in cases in which they develop, shorten.

It is also used to treat skin problems like herpes. These usually occur in organisms with low defenses, but keep echinacea reinforced defenses and therefore help to prevent such occurrences. In addition, your daily intake helps heal wounds possible hygienically and quickly.

By increasing the defenses with taking echinacea, is a great ally to combat otitis and similar infections that can occur in the ear.

In addition, highly recommended Echinacea to keep everything healthy urinary tract. Cystitis or urethritis are possible to avoid by taking echinacea daily.


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