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What are the side effects of oral contraceptives

What are the side effects of oral contraceptives

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Oral contraceptives are an option most used by women as a way to not get pregnant. In recent years there have been new substances that make oral contraceptives in a more efficient, safer and with fewer side effects alternative. We will tell you the major side effects of oral contraceptives, both positive and negative, for you to consider if you want to start using this method.

Positive effects of oral contraceptives genital level

Pelvic inflammatory disease. There is less chance of developing infections in the fallopian tubes. There are some mechanisms that favor their protection as changes in cervical mucus, attenuation that is induced by steroids and decreases inflammatory response menstrual flow. Contraceptives control growth uterine tissue and decreases the amount of menstrual flow. Ovarian cysts, 50 the appearance of functional cysts is decreased.

Positive effects of oral contraceptives for menstruation

More regular rules, because estrogen is not very powerful. Minor bleeding. The amount and duration of menstruation due to low doses of ethinyl estradiol is reduced. Less risk of anemia, as reduces menstrual bleeding. Dysmenorrhea, to inhibit ovulation and decreasing prostaglandin production suffers less pain during menstruation. Ovulatory pain, pelvic pain is typically associated with ovulation, which appears before, during or after, it is also reduced.

Positive effects of oral contraceptives on the cardiovascular system

Cholesterol. Lowers bad cholesterol and raises good, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Arteriosclerosis. Has a protective effect against the disease preventing lipid abnormalities associated with cardiovascular risk.

Positive effects of oral contraceptives for cancer prevention

Ovarian cancer. Its beneficial effect begins to occur from 6 months, and if you take more than 10 years with contraceptives, the risk is reduced to contraceptives endometrium. If you take more than one year taking, the risk is reduced to 50. Colon cancer. If you’ve been taking contraceptives for more than five years the likelihood of this cancer is reduced to 20. benign breast lesions. The frequency of suffering such injuries to 36 after 7 years of using this method is reduced.

Positive effects of oral contraceptives for premenopausal

Helps regulate menstrual disorders. Minor bleeding during menstruation. Fewer symptoms of menopause. Slows progression of rheumatoid arthritis. Decreases the frequency of osteoporosis.

Other positive effects of oral contraceptives

Seborrhea and acne. The pill has some components that reduce free testosterone which makes the problem better. Increased sexual desire, closely related to the lack of concern about unwanted pregnancies.

Negative effects of oral contraceptives for the vascular system

Smokers over 35 years. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day is not recommended to use hormonal contraceptives because of the risk of thrombosis. Myocardial infarction increases the risk along with smoking, hypertension, etc. Stroke, also in relation to age, smoking and stress accidents. Thromboembolism, originates in the veins of the legs and can turn into clots from reaching the lungs. Hypertension, related to the progestin, usually occurs in 5 cases during the first 6 months of treatment. Varices. Contraceptives do not create varices themselves, must have certain habits and genetic predisposition. Diabetes, if this query suffer illness with your doctor about the most appropriate hormonal contraceptive.

Negative effects of oral contraceptives for cancer prevention
Breast cancer cases most at risk are young women who have not had children and who have a history of this cancer in your family, black women, and taking the pill for long periods. Cervical cancer, the cancer is associated with certain hormonal effects, although not the sole cause being smoking or some other trigger factors sexual habits. Liver cancer increases the risk of suffering if contraceptives are used for long periods of time.

Other adverse effects

Nausea and vomiting. This is due mainly to the estrogen content. Gallstones. The possibility of calculations increases because the risk especially urolithiasis rises during the first year. Headache, if persistent better stopping treatment if there is any risk of stroke. Chloasma, is increased skin pigmentation, and displayed at 5 cases. Urinary tract infection, it appears that contraceptive use increases infections because the female urethra is short and bacteria come easily. Decreased sexual desire, between 5 and 30 of those taking contraceptive practice less sex in the second phase of the cycle. Anxiety or depression, especially by the use of progestin, which causes certain changes in brain metabolism.


If you decide to take oral contraceptives, see your family planning center closest to advise you well and make you a good test

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