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What are the symptoms of senile dementia

What are the symptoms of senile dementia

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Any type of dementia is a brain disease that causes a significant decline in all areas of mental ability. One of the most common is age-related, due to old age and characterized by memory loss, sleep disorders, sudden changes in personality, psychomotor problems is important to take measures to prevent dementia and try to avoid it is manifest in healthy, young adults. If it still shows evidence of the disease will be crucial to see a doctor so next we explain what are the symptoms of senile dementia.


1. Memory loss is one of the main evidence that might indicate that a person has dementia. This is a fact and progressive, although many affected recall perfectly the more distant past, are not able to remember current events.

2. Also, insomnia or lack of sleep is also a common symptom of dementia. Sleep disorders are relatively normal in older people, but more on those affected by this disease.

3. Another symptom of this type of dementia, is the difficulty or inability to perform simple daily tasks or, since no capacity to focus on them. For example, you may find it difficult to make an addition or play cards, even though life have been good at it.

4. Problems disorientation, balance or physical coordination may also show that someone is suffering from senile dementia. It is important to rule out other causes of these symptoms.

5. Although the origin may be another, fatigue or listlessness are also common in those suffering from dementia.

6. This disease does not usually involve a loss of social skills and problems in interpersonal relationships, although it is true that patients often have when they leave strange behaviors that gradually make their relationships deteriorate.

7. If they become obvious some or all of these symptoms will be essential to visit the neurologist or specialist. It will also be essential to know How to prevent senile dementia, taking appropriate measures.

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