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What are the types of dementia

What are the types of dementia

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Overall, we could define dementia as a notable decline in all areas of mental capacity and, therefore, is a brain disease. This occurs because brain cells die before they would have to do if follow the normal aging process. This loss of an excessive amount of brain cells causes the pancreas does not work as well.
Although dementia and memory loss is the best known type of dementia, the fact is that there are other common types of dementia, here we explain.


Dementia and memory loss is, without a doubt, the best known type of dementia in the population and can divide this disease early or late, depending on whether it occurs before or after age 65. In Western countries, 70 of those with dementia, dementia and memory loss. Note that there is no responsible gene for this disease, although there is evidence that there is a genetic link, especially in the early dementia and memory loss in many cases. Therefore, it is important to know How to Prevent Alzheimer day.

Dementia and memory loss disease, in addition to destroying brain cells interrupts chemical neurotransmitters that carry information by the brain. So memory and other mental abilities are damaged by major problems. The first is due to the development of protein filaments tangles in brain cells, and the second plates are formed between brain cells.

Vascular dementia

Vascular dementia, including multi-infarct dementia is the second most common type of dementia and accounts for 20 of all cases. Damages the blood vessels leading to the brain and provide oxygen. If there is poor blood circulation in the brain, the supply is reduced and brain cells die. In many multi-infarct dementia mini embolias cutting off blood supply to part of the brain are produced. Embolias are a recognized cause of vascular dementia and also have been associated with weakness or paralysis of a body part, as well as loss of balance, blurred vision and speech problems. Multi-infarct dementia may be progressive, manifesting a series of dizzy, in fact, lead in more and more confusion and dementia over months or years.

Lewy Body Dementia

Corresponds to 15 cases of dementia called tiny protein structures that are created inside nerve cells in the brain of patients. These small structures are those that destroy brain tissue and thus affect the concentration, language and memory. People with this type of dementia are more likely to have visions or hallucinations and abnormal behavior.

Alcohol-related dementia

This is the least common type of dementia, but there is no doubt that too much alcohol over a long time can cause brain damage. The progression of this dementia is directly related to the amount of alcohol abuse and duration. Stop drinking altogether is the only treatment for this dementia.

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