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What happens if I take an ibuprofen and drink alcohol

What happens if I take an ibuprofen and drink alcohol

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You have a dinner or a party where for sure you will drink some alcohol, but before you hurt something and you have taken a pill, that’s when you wonder what if I take an ibuprofen and drink alcohol? Usually, do not mix drugs and alcohol, because the result could lead to negative consequences. To solve your doubt in this case, in this article, we want to explain what happens if you take an ibuprofen alcohol and drink alcohol.


First, it is important that drugs and alcohol do not mix, as consumption of both at once can have serious consequences for human health.
And is that alcohol interacts with a significant amount of drugs and can cause adverse effects.

In the case of ibuprofen, its mixed with alcohol consumption can cause gastric upset because small increases antiinflammatory cause lesions in the gastric mucosa.

That is why it is recommended to avoid alcohol during prolonged treatment with ibuprofen as it can actually cause gastrointestinal or to tears and punctures stomach bleeding.

Note that in rare cases in which it has ingested a single ibuprofen, moderate intake of alcohol will have serious consequences for the organism. Still, the combination of alcohol and ibuprofen should not become commonplace.

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