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What is a mantra?

What is a mantra?

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Mantras are commonly used in meditation, this word comes from Sanskrit and is a product of the union of two words, its meaning gives us a clue to its use is that mantra means liberating the mind. It is commonly used by practitioners of yoga and followers of Buddhism or Hinduism, here we explain in detail what is mantra and does it work.

What are mantras?

Mantras are sound vibrations with prayers that are recited to calm the mind, meditate, become tranquil and achieve enlightenment.
There are different types of mantras according to the purpose and God whom they are addressed, because as the logical origin comes from the religious ceremonies.

How are they used?

Mantras work through repetition of prayer and sounds tied to it. The best start in chanting mantras is through the guidance of a teacher of Buddhism or Hinduism to oversee the completion of the mantra since the idea is to achieve the ultimate goal, the liberation of our mind. This well-conducted rhythmic repetition gets calm our minds and allow us to discard the thoughts to focus on the practice of meditation.

Are they necessary to meditate?

While it is possible to meditate without the need to repeat a mantra truth is that these prayers help greatly to achieve the aim of the practice and get better results. They are also made with different purposes depending on the goal to be achieved through meditation, because beyond mind off maybe in a special occasion we want to reflect on compassion or forgiveness, or we are meditating to find the necessary strength In order to overcome a difficult situation. As we link us with one or more higher mantras is their power and influence in our meditation.

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