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What is the difference between food and nutrients

What is the difference between food and nutrients

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Often we tend to believe that food and nutrients terms are synonymous, and is popularly been used in this way. However nutritionally have different meanings, would you clarify the picture to speak more correctly? Here, we explain what is the difference between food and nutrients.


Nutritionally speaking, food and nutrients are not the same.
The food is the set of products that living things eat and drink for energy, function properly and be alive. It is all those substances which we receive to nourish.

However, the nutrients are contained in food. It is the compound that is used by our cells and metabolized by the body to make all the contributions that gives our body. Nutrients are essential for all our vital functions properly, it becomes necessary calories for the body to function properly.

But the nutrients are not only present in foods. Also called nutrients to all those chemical compounds or elements that are necessary for the body of any living being run well. Not all nutrients are obtained from the feed, some of them may come, for example, vitamin complexes.

For living things like plants, nutrients are elements such as water, oxygen or minerals, whereas we would vitamins A, B complex, C, among others, and minerals such as calcium or iron.

An important aspect that must be considered when differentiating between food and nutrients, is that although nutrients are contained in food, not everything we eat or drink has nutrients. Some foods such as sweets, pastries or soda lack of nutrients for our body.

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