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What types of quartz and its benefits

What types of quartz and its benefits

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Gemology has helped man to recover from many conditions thanks to the healing power of stones. Of all these, the crystals are known for their health benefits for its healing ability thanks to its components that help strengthen our body. But you know what?


The clear quartz is quartz in its purest and therefore lacks color.
Used to relieve all kinds of pain, speeds the healing process and aids in cell regeneration. Any physical problem can be calmed with transparent quartz.

The quartz tourmaline is widely used in kidney, intestinal and stomach diseases. Its properties can stop this kind of pain when it affects the body.

Rose quartz is considered the stone of love. Widely used in this field, can help physically in fertility treatments and therefore protects against sterility. In addition, quartz heart, serves to regulate heartbeat and everything connected with quartz tachycardia, blood pressure, etc.

The green quartz is used for muscle issues and dermatological quartz helps relieve spasms in the regeneration of skin burns and soreness after intense exercise.

The amethyst quartz, for its sedative properties is very good against insomnia, and improve arthritis.

Blue Quartz is a good analgesic and decongestant. Help on problems related to sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, etc. Very good for relieving nasal congestion.


Get advice from a professional gem therapy to orient you in your particular case.

Clean your crystals before use

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